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Semi automatic machining

Non-FFL (80%)  Receivers

and custom Firearm parts
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Licensed manufacture and distributor of Prexis products

Home of the ATF Approved Aurora and the SLS Sten kits!


Current available products and services that may be ordered from us through our online store.

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More detailed information is available below for several of the items and services offered from HBA

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NON-FFL (IE 80%) Receiver Solutions


PPSH-41 80% Receiver Repair Sections

Semi and NFA (unblocked) Models

SLS (Sten, Long Shroud) Reduced ID Semi-only Sten Tubes

In Vertical or Horizontal feed configurations

Available in various kit forms to match your building needs

VZ58 hybrid receiver
MP34 Repair section



Internal Conversion and Machining Services

1910 Maxim internals "Semi-Only" parts (Sherman design) and machining
1919 internals machining  (convert to "Semi-Only")
Semi Auto Conversion of the PPSH41 bolt
Semi Auto Conversion of the PPSH41 FCG (Fire Control Group)
1910 Maxim Reproduction and replacement parts
Modification of Bronze Sten bolts to work in SLS/SAS (reduced ID) tubes (coming Soon)









M53/42 Captive Tripod Adaptors


1910 Maxim to M53 Tripod adaptor
1919 to M53 Tripod adaptor
Bren to M53 Tripod adaptor
MG15 to M53 Tripod adaptors
Instructions for using the HBA line of Captive adaptors



The Aurora Faux Suppressor Line up

The Aurora Faux Suppressor

BATF approved custom Faux Suppressors

Page 1                     Page 2

The Aurora43 Faux Suppressor

The Aurora Adapted to fit the PPS43 builds

In both a long and short version!



Rivets and fastener packs


Carl Gustav Builders pack
Sten Rivet pack  (WWII Mil Spec)
Low profile MG42/53 Rail rivets
AK Center supports with cross rivet
AK Rivet sets



PPS-43 Build specific components

PPS Trunnion Style Info Page

PPSH43 Trunnions  "long face" Rivet style (used with lipped barrel)

PPSH43 Trunnions  "Short Face" Rivet Style (Used with lip-less barrel)

PPSH Trunnions "Long face" Weld in style (Used With Lipped Barrel)

PPSH Trunnions "Short Face" Weld in Style (Used with Lip-less barrel)


Barrel Profiling

(Customer provided barrels - HBA does not stock barrels or blanks)


Requirements for barrels before they will be accepted for the listed profiles

Profiling for PPSH
Profiling for PPSH
Profiling for AMD64 (16 inch barrel)
Berretta 38a Barrel rework



Tools, Bucks and the sort


MG 42/53 Rail rivet bucks
Tommy Reweld Jig (coming soon)


Last but not least is custom work

                                                                Dummy Bolt for display gun                                                                                    Modification of shroud for Aurora43 use

For custom work feel free to send me a email describing what it is you need done.

the more detail the better so that I can get a fair assessment of the job and so you get a fair and realistic quote.


For more information or if you need a custom quote or just wish to make a comment feel free to email us at: sales@hellboxarmory.com

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