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This is a new 80% "Hybrid" receiver that is a combination of Milled and Stamped components

 It requires that you square up & trim the front receiver section that came with your parts kit in front of the original locking lugs and weld the new rails in to place. This receiver is then completed by installing the Stamped receiver shell, center support, rear stock mounts using standard rivets and completing the balance of required drilling.  (Shell, center support and rear stock mount Rivet to the side rails.) The hole for mounting the stock will need threaded (Only if you are using the original stocks)  and All holes for "Any" FCG will need to be drilled. There is no machining for F/A components done on this receiver.

The rails for both Demil's are machined from 4140 Steel.


 Once the side rails are installed and the balance of the receiver is assembled. 
(stamped receiver riveted in place with the center and rear supports).



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